What Makes Terraflex Different From Our Competitors?

Terraflex are proud to be one of very few actual manufacturers of rubber chipping in the UK or Ireland which gives us full control over our products, from supply to quality and pricing. For our customers this means we can guarantee top quality products at a competitive price, delivered on time.

We are confident that we have the best rubber chippings on the market. Our manufacture process is different than any other provider in the UK or Ireland because of our advanced colouring process. Unlike our competitors we can offer a range of coloured chippings which will not fade, and the colour will not transfer onto skin or clothing which is especially important for our children’s play surfaces. Our Terraflex Play Chippings have also been certified to ROSPA’s demanding safety standards.

We have the capability and flexibility to meet large quantity orders in a short time frame and our scale allows our commercial clients the reassurance that we can meet their demand without delay.

Terraflex are part of the PPP recycling group who have been leaders in used tyre recycling for over 20 years. We are fully committed to producing environmentally friendly and sustainable products, and have made significant investment in recent years to support this. We receive annual audits in relation to environmental compliance and have been awarded the PAS 107 &108 accreditations.

In summary, we produce environmentally friendly products of the highest quality, at a competitive price delivered straight to your door anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

If you would like to learn more about Terraflex and our products, please get in touch.Back

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