Terraflex Garden Chippings Vs Wooden Garden Mulch

Using rubber chippings in the garden is a relatively new concept but one that has skyrocketed in popularity over the last couple of years because of the many benefits they offer compared to regular wooden chippings or mulch.

One of the main problems with wooden chippings or mulch is that they will begin to rot and decompose after only a short time. They will require ongoing maintenance and may even need annual top-ups adding to the overall workload and cost.

Our Terraflex rubber garden chippings have a much longer lifespan than wooden chippings or mulch and will not rot or decompose. They will continue looking great for many years with minimal maintenance offering great value for money.

Terraflex garden chippings will offer more protection to your plants in extreme conditions. They will help regulate soil temperature in extreme hot or cold weather, allow rainwater water to pass through unimpeded, and then evaporate out again easily. Wooden mulch will absorb water and can become saturated which may negatively affect your vegetation.

Terraflex rubber chippings have been proven to act as an effective slug repellent and discourage pets from using the flowerbed as a litter tray.

Additionally, Terraflex looks great and can be provided in a range of vibrant or natural colours.

In summary, Terraflex garden chippings offer a great looking, cost effective solution which also brings a whole range of advantages to your flowerbeds.  

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