We are proud to offer free delivery for many of our products to customers throughout Ireland and almost all of the UK.

Unfortunately, there are some logistically challenging areas (‘Highlands & Islands’) where we are unable to offer free delivery. Customers living in very challenging postcodes may be asked for an additional delivery fee. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

It is not possible for Terraflex to offer free delivery on all of our products. Where delivery is not included in the price, please contact us for a delivery quote.

Incorrect Orders:

In the unlikely event that Terraflex delivers the wrong goods or the wrong amount, you can refuse the delivery or advise us after the delivery that we have made an error. We will arrange free collection from you or free additional delivery to you. Please let us know as soon as possible. There will be no additional costs for the customer.

If a customer makes an incorrect order, we can arrange for a collection and offer a refund for the goods. The goods must be made ready for collection by the customer and both the initial delivery costs and subsequent collection costs must be paid by the customer. To avoid such situations, we would urge all customers to double check their order details before placing an order. If in doubt, please speak to a member of our team.

What we can do. And what we can’t.

Your order will be delivered and unloaded at the front/main entrance to your building, play area or house using a tail lift and a pallet truck. Our vehicles are not fitted with a crane facility, therefore your rubber chippings cannot be lifted or lowered over a wall or any other obstacle. We cannot guarantee delivery to the rear of properties due to potential access restrictions. After delivery has been completed, liability for the goods passes to the customer.

However, in order to accommodate our customers and where it is practical to do so, our drivers may try to place your goods into your driveway or forecourt. This is subject to the underlying surface being flat, solid and robust.  The pallet truck cannot be moved over any rough surface, such as gravel. Nor can the driver push/pull the delivery along a sloping surface or over curb stones.

Keep Us Informed:

We always do our best to ensure a smooth delivery, but it is vital that you advise us of any potential hazards or difficulties our delivery drivers may face prior to us attempting delivery. These obstructions might include parked cars, low-hanging trees, a cul-de-sac, narrow street, etc.  Should our driver arrive at your address and decide that it is unsafe or impractical to access your delivery point, the goods will be returned to our transport depot and a full delivery charge may apply.