Rubber Chippings Vs Wooden Chippings

If you are installing a new outdoor play area for your kids, you might be wondering about the best surfacing option.

Here’s a few benefits that rubber chippings offer when compared to wood chip:

  • Safety – Safety is every parent’s top priority. The shock-absorbency of rubber chippings helps to minimise injuries from falls, which is particularly important for playgrounds with tall equipment such as climbing frames.
  • Style – Terraflex Rubber Chippings are available in a range of vibrant colours that will greatly enhance the visual appeal of any outdoor play area.
  • Cleaner and Drier Surface – Unlike wood chips, rubber is a non-absorbent material so rainwater filters straight through unabsorbed. This means your child can enjoy their outdoor play area all year round!
  • Maintenance Requirements – Wood chip will naturally decompose, compact, and require replenishment after a short period of time.  Terraflex rubber chippings will last a lifetime without fading.
  • Long Term Cost – Whilst rubber chippings may be more expensive upfront than wood chip, they are a single one-off investment that prove to be a cost-effective and time-saving choice in the long term.
  • Sustainability – Terraflex rubber chippings are produced from rubber which is obtained from recycling waste car tyres. This means they make a positive environmental contribution and are a guilt-free surfacing solution.

Terraflex rubber chippings offer a number of clear benefits compared to wood chip. For a safer, cleaner and more exciting play area, Terraflex rubber chippings are the obvious choice!

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