PPP GROUP Completes Major Export Contract

PPP Group are delighted to have recently completed the export of 11,000 tonnes of tyre-derived fuel from Belfast to Turkey where the previously waste material will be utilised as an environmentally friendly source of fuel.

The completion of this export contract is a significant achievement which highlights PPP group’s commitment to the circular economy and providing an environmentally friendly solution to waste tyre disposal within Ireland.

Tyre-derived fuel, or TDF as it is known, provides an alternative energy source for various industrial applications as a replacement for traditional fossil fuels. State-of-the-art kiln safely extract and store potentially harmful emissions released during the combustion process and as a result, TDF produces a lower emissions output than traditional fossil fuels.

Peter O’Kane, Managing Director at PPP Group said, “We are delighted at the seamless delivery of this export contract. Our ability to deliver contracts such as this is a significant contribution to sustainable waste tyre disposal within Ireland. Our intention is to deliver several exports of this size per year and we expect to complete another shipment before the end of the year.”

The production and transportation of the product from PPP Group’s recycling facility in Portglenone to Belfast Harbour and the subsequent exportation to Turkey was meticulously planned and executed. The company worked closely with local authorities, logistics partners, and environmental agencies to ensure a flawless delivery of the project in adherence to all local and international standards and regulations. 

PPP Group are widely regarded as the leading producer of tyre-derived fuel in Ireland and the UK. The company have established a proven track record of exporting TDF to international markets, having successfully exported almost 70,000 tonnes within the last 2 years.

PPP Group will continue to lead the way within the industry by providing safe, eco-friendly recycling solutions for the disposal of waste tyres within Ireland.